XXXV, Journey to Palmatreow

coming soon…

  • Admiral Goran Lalas takes the party on a long sea journey aboard his metal kraken.
  • The magical craft is damaged during a battle with a real kraken in the depths of the middle sea.
  • They limp onto Pal Matreow where the crew makes repairs and the party investigates the island.
  • Overgrown temples with Yuan-ti where they fight a Marilith at a portal.
  • Portal leads to an efreet lord’s castle in the elemental chaos.
  • Efreet tells them the story of Abonar, the last wielder of the Branch of the Astral Tree.
  • Travel back to the summit of the volcano where they encounter a gold dragon.
  • Dragon is allied with Ule. Tries to convince the party to join them.
  • Failing that, the dragon attempts to take the other implements by force.
  • Morin and Targus are slain when the dragon drops them into a lava flow on the side of the volcano.



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