Implements of Inuria


This set of magical artifacts was created in a time long past to defend the Empire of Inuria. Each implement had a special purpose to defend against a specific threat, and each was entrusted to a champion of the Empire to wield it. The implements were powerful in their own right, but proved even more potent when the champions fought together in concert.

Implement Type Foe
Bar N’adir bastard sword undead
Mantle of the Void cloak aberrations
Scales of Kathewan scale armor dragons
Branch of the Astral Tree rapier demons

The implements bestow additional benefits as more of them are wielded by members of the same party.

# of Implements Benefit
2 Enhancement bonus of each Implement becomes +3.
Wielders may communicate with each other telepathically.
3 Enhancement bonus of each Implement becomes +4.
Enemies that grant combat advantage to one wielder grant combat advantage to all wielders.
4 Enhancement bonus of each Implement becomes +5.
Each Implement gains an additional special purpose power.

Implements of Inuria

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