Sylvanthilaria made her home high in the Barrier Mountains where, until recently, she lived with her mate – a mighty silver male named Gragandolar. They observed the machinations of the lich Scar as his army massed above the peaceful logging village of Cozynook, poised to strike the Midlands. Sylvani traveled to Scolia to warn King Maryth of the impending danger to his people, while Gragan stayed to watch over their eggs. While she was away, Scar invaded their cave, slew her mate, and stole their eggs. He teleported Gragandolar’s corpse to his laboratory, and following a failed attempt to raise him as a dracolich under his control, used parts of him in foul experiments to construct an undead draconic hybrid to guard his lair. The eggs he kept alive for future experimentation.

Sylvani returned to find her brood and mate missing. Distraught, she turned to friends amongst the elves in the east to help her find answers. Divination magic revealed Gragan’s defeat and the theft of the eggs. She held a glimmer of hope for her mate as she still possessed a Rod of Resurrection in a secret cache of their treasure that remained hidden from the pilfering lich.

It was still unclear exactly where Scar had taken the eggs and what had become of Gragan’s body. For several months Sylvani traveled with Scar’s army in the guise of a goblin, but could obtain no answers other than vague references to “The Master.” It was not until she became suspicious of the army’s odd methods of corpse disposal that she followed one of the caravans carrying the dead back to Cozynook. She was able to pinpoint her eggs in close proximity with a Locate Object spell, but was unable to penetrate the dome of negative energy surrounding Scar’s inner sanctum. Enraged, she assaulted the place but the effort was futile as the undead were numerous and immune to her breath attacks. Sylvani began to despair as she doubted her own ability to recover her eggs from the lich that had defeated her mate; a much older and more powerful dragon than herself.

She would need strong allies, and powerful magic. Some of Gragandolar’s treasure horde remained; including the ancient Inurian blade Bar-N’adir, but Sylvani lacked the ability to wield it. She recalled encountering another item during her time disguised as a goblin – an Arrow of Undead Slaying in the possession of a gnoll tribal chieftain named Fazough who bragged about having “something to take care of that stinking undead if he doesn’t deliver.” Intent on acquiring the arrow, she set out for Backbreaker Keep. But she still needed a champion…


Jockra Voralak