Companion Character


Okfaust the Green Elder
Level 20 Leader
Medium natural humanoid, human
HP 130; Bloodied 65; Surge Value 32; Surges 10
Defenses 33

Speed 6
Initiative +19
Action Points 1
Perception +34

Standard Actions

Scimitar • At-Will
Melee 1; one creature.
+26 vs. AC; 21 damage.

Sacred Flame • At-Will
Range 5; one creature.
+26 vs. Reflex; 21 radiant damage.

Mantle of Verdant Glory • Encounter
Close blast 5; each enemy in the blast.
+26 vs. Will; 27 necrotic and poison damage.
Allies in the blast can spend a healing surge and regain
10 additional hit points.

Restore • Encounter
Melee touch; you or one ally.
The target spends one healing surge, but regains hit points as if it had spent three healing surges.

Minor Actions

Healing Word • Encounter x3 (1/turn)
Close burst 10; you or one ally in the burst.
The target can spend a healing surge and regain 22
additional hit points.

Boon of the Earth Father • At-Will (1/turn)
Range 10; you or one ally.
Choose one of the following boons:
• The target gains 10 temporary hit points.
• The target makes a saving throw with a +2 bonus.
• The target ignores difficult terrain until the end of your next turn.

Skills Athletics +18, Heal +22, Insight +22, Nature +22

Str 12 (11)
Con 18 (
Dex 11 (10)
Int 12 (
Wis 24 (17)
Chr 14 (

Alignment Good; Languages Common, Elven

Equipment scimitar, hide armor, light shield, ritual
book, adventurer’s kit, scroll of raise dead, scroll of
remove affliction, potion of vitality

Rituals Animal Friendship, Animal Messenger, Brew
Potion, Commune with Nature, Eagle’s Flight, Iron Vigil,
Lower Water, Portend Weather, Purify Water, Raise
Dead, Remove Affliction, Tree Shape, Tree Stride, Water
Breathing, Water Walk




Jockra Voralak