Companion Character


General Geron
Level 20 Leader
Medium natural humanoid, human
HP 132; Bloodied 66; Surge Value 33; Surges 11
Defenses 33

Speed 6
Initiative +11
Action Points 1
Perception +21

Standard Actions

Longspear • At-Will
Melee reach 2; one creature.
+26 vs. AC; 20 damage.

Javelin • At-Will
Range 15; one creature.
+26 vs. AC; 19 damage.

Direct the Strike • At-Will
Range 5; one ally.
The target makes a basic attack as a free action against
an enemy of your choice that you can see and is within
10 squares of you.

Hail of Steel • Encounter
Melee reach 2; one creature.
+26 vs. AC; 24 damage, and each ally within 5 squares
of you can make a basic attack against the target as a
free action.

Minor Actions

Inspiring Word • Encounter x3 (1/turn)
Close burst 10; you or one ally in the burst.
The target can spend a healing surge and regain 12
additional hit points and make a saving throw.

Move Actions

Knight’s Move • Encounter
Range 10; one ally.
The target can take a move action as a free action.

Skills Athletics +21, Diplomacy +18, Endurance +15,
History +18, Intimidate +18

Str 22 (16)
Con 15 (
Dex 12 (11)
Int 16 (
Wis 12 (11)
Chr 16 (

Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Elven

Equipment longspear, warhammer, javelin, dagger,
chainmail armor, light shield, adventurer’s kit, potion of


Sir Geron is a knight, although one would never guess that upon first glance. Rewarded with the title by King Maryth II for his heroics in the recent Goblinoid War, Geron is anything but the typical “knight in shining armor.” He served many years in the Scolite army, rising from an infantryman of low birth, to an invaluable General. It was evident to Geron’s superiors early on that he was an inspirational leader of men and had a sharp mind for tactics. Geron never sought positions of power or influence, or even wanted to be a leader. Yet as the war took its casualties, these roles needed to be filled, and Geron found himself rapidly promoted up through the ranks. Men under his command naturally gravitated to his powerful personality and prowess, and he earned a reputation for always making the right choices on the battlefield.

Geron stands just over six feet tall and is of powerful build with corded muscles from long years of hard soldiering. His stern look and seemingly permanent frown is a mask that he rarely removes while in the presence of men under his command, however close friends will tell you he has a wry sense of humor and a hearty laugh. He wears his dark hair short and his beard closely cropped in military style. Battle scars, a slightly receding hairline at the corners, and weathered creases of brow and eyes are the only signs of his forty years. Usually clad in a well-worn vest of oiled mail rings and bristling with a variety of weapons, he still looks the infantryman rather than the knight who won the Battle of Hest, or the originator of the Urkhette Maneuver. In the wake of the Goblinoid War, Geron has found himself kept busy with cleanup duty in Scolia’s many rebuilding fiefdoms.

King Maryth II, sensing his own advancing years, has begun to groom his son Prince Obyr in the ways of kingship. Geron feels that the King’s efforts have come too late and will not be enough to mold the spoiled and immature Prince into the man the realm will need to fill his father’s shoes. Geron is secretly disdainful of the Prince, yet always the diplomat and loyal soldier; he has kept his opinions to himself. The Prince is in fact fearful of Geron because of the respect and authority he commands amongst the military, and jealous of the favor shown him by the King. This fear and jealousy has festered into a personal hatred of Geron. Now that the King has given Obyr more responsibilities, the Prince has abused that power to assign Geron to mundane duties in an eastern fiefdom as far from loyal armies and the attentions of his father as he could send him… a place called Harrenshire.

Urkhette was a fishing town in south-eastern Scolia. Situated on the tip of a peninsula at the mouth of the Nodamyr River, it juts out into the sea, surrounded by water on three sides. During the Goblinoid War it was set upon by an army of Vrechans pursuing the remnants of the vastly outnumbered Gold Plains Company, commanded by acting-officer Sergeant Geron. Geron had studied the customs and habits of the Vrechans and knew that during inter-tribal wars, the chieftain of a besieged village would often set fire to his longships, forcing his men to stay and fight to the death. That night Geron ordered the men to build huge bonfires at the docks. Thinking the Company had fired the townspeople’s fishing boats in order to force them to fight, the Vrechans charged in anticipating an easy kill. The townspeople had been evacuated on the actual ships under cover of darkness, while Geron and his Company sailed upriver past the sleeping enemy and disembarked behind them to pin their foe on the exposed peninsula. The confused Vrechans were soon broken and driven to the shores of the sea where they were defeated.


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