XXXVI, The Vault of Ule Inur

coming soon…

  • Valsharane, Agan’s Exarch intervenes and resurrects Targus and Morin.
  • She shows them the way to Ule Inur’s secret sanctum
  • Entry can only be gained with 4 keys held by 4 guardians
  1. a dragon – the red dragon allied with Ule that assaulted Lowen’s Grove and her azer minions.
  2. an aberration – an eye tyrant
  3. a demon – a Balor, Valsharane’s ancient foe. She casts a spell to weaken him.
  4. an undead – Reginold
  • Final confrontation with Ule Inur in his phylactery chamber.
  • The Implements of Inuria vanish, having fulfilled their purpose.



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